Meet the Back in the Day team!

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Meet the Back in the Day team!

meet the back in the day team

Who are we?

Sometime back Greg Slocum had a vision for starting a chain of brick and mortar stores called Back in the Day that would feature games, toys, candy, soda and more from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. About 8 months ago a decision was made to market our Back in the Day tee shirts and purses online featuring products that evoke positive memories, celebrate the human spirit, and are lots of fun to look at and enjoy.

Our goal is to produce compelling and cost effective products that actively connect people to great times and memories through shirts with catchy slogans and killer images. The high quality tees are hand printed by a professional silk screening company with messages that are consistently positive, patriotic, celebrating the joys of family, community, friendship, honesty, integrity, character, excellence and truth.

Three additional partners have been added, Greg Johnson for creativity & technology, Alan Staie for retail business expertise and Tracey Slocum co-partner of Mr. Slocum’s original vision. Greg and Tracey Slocum along with Greg Johnson have come up with hundreds of tee shirt slogans and ideas so far. And professional designer Carrie Martinez has contributed her expertise with launching a Facebook page, developing a web design and finalizing the images and slogans for the tee shirts.

From the beginning Greg Slocum has provided the vision, passion and overall leadership that keeps the company moving forward. Greg Johnson, a technical writer by trade, has provided  creative ideas for shirts, logos, etc., and Alan Staie, currently a retail store manager, brings decades of product experience in brick and mortar stores as well as offline and online marketing experience for retail products.

We anticipate starting small through our online channels, but hope to establish our Back in the Day brand and eventually secure licensing agreements with apparel manufacturers and suppliers who have connections with the larger retail outlets. We welcome your feedback on our first line of shirt designs and hobo purses.

We firmly believe in the power that positive memories have in our lives. They provide an anchor for our soul and help to define who we are. They also fuel our dreams for a better brighter future and provide direction. We invite you to join us on our Back in the Day journey. Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page an share your memories and enjoy the photos, songs and trivia questions that are posted daily. You’ll be glad you did!


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